Established in 1978, Medicine Man pharmacy is an independent pharmacy with eight locations, servicing both North Idaho and Eastern Washington.

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Cough and Cold Season is Back!

You wake up one morning feeling tired with a runny nose and a fever. Then you wonder if you should just start your day and go to work, or if these symptoms will get worse. You wish you knew if these are just symptoms of a common cold or a strain of flu that has been going around. Most of all, you want to be sure it is not a serious type of flu, like H1N1.

It's time to play detective. Your symptoms are clues as to whether you have flu or a cold. But there are times when it is hard to tell. If you are still concerned after analyzing your symptoms, a visit to the doctor can give you the confirmation you need.

Then stop by your local Medicine Man Pharmacy to see our complete selection of products that can help relieve your symptoms.

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