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You're probably thinking, is that even possible? You bet!

Winter allergies and the cold have a lot of the same symptoms, so telling which one you're dealing with can be tricky. Do any of these common winter allergy culprits look familiar to you?

  1. Dust and Dust Mites – Follow a rigorous dusting, mopping, and vacuuming regimen, use a HEPA air filter, and wash bedding weekly in hot water to keep dust and dust mites at bay.
  2. Mold – Get all leaks addressed by a plumber right away. Clean mold up wherever possible; however, replacing the affected materials may be necessary.
  3. Animal Dander – Follow the same guidance offered for controlling dust and dust mites, and try to keep pets out of your bedroom if possible.
  4. Christmas Trees – the real kind. Allergy symptoms could be caused by the tree itself, but it's more likely that pollen, spores, or other things on the tree will cause an allergy flare-up. Rinse your tree with a garden hose and let the tree dry completely before bringing it inside.
  5. Smoke – Indoor smoke can cause serious irritation. Get your chimney inspected and cleaned to prevent smoke from backing up into the home. Ask smokers to light up outside, or better yet, encourage them to quit.

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